Engage, Enlighten, and Encourage Customers To Purchase

There is no magic bullet when it comes to social media working for your business. It takes hard work, consistency, and a combination of the following different areas, all of which we specialize in helping you manage using our social media services.

Social Media Management

Posting and engagement is at the heart of every online community. 

Your community is aching for meaningful interactions. Our company creates the grounds for authentic communication with your customers. 

In today's digital marketing environment, it can be argued that there is no better tool to market your brand and increase engagement than social media.

At OPC Social, we focus our social media services to create a lasting impact on your business.


Profile Setup & Optimization

Get started on the right foot. Your account setup one of the most important parts of social media. Our team will properly set up social accounts that are optimized for future growth.

Creating & Posting Content

For you to be relevant and stay in the minds of your audience you must post regularly on social media. Many companies fail because they post randomly, and they don’t target their posts to the right audience. Being social is a full-time job for businesses. When you work with us, you have a team behind with social media marketing services to handle your posting responsibilities.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Messenger chatbots are a new trend that's replacing email marketing with flying colors. Average open-rate for Messenger chatbot campaigns shows 70% and average click-through-rate: 50%. We get hired to build advanced chatbot dialogues that engage, nurture, and convert your contacts to customers.

Followers Growth

It's very important that your company's social media accounts are followed exclusively by your target audience. Otherwise you risk getting mixed data and facing difficulties in generating engagement. We use targeted outbound engagement campaigns to grow your followers, by engaging with social media accounts that only your ideal customer is likely to follow.

Influencer Marketing

At OPC Social, our social media services go beyond connecting brands with the talented content creators by providing an in-depth and targeted influencer marketing integration. From social strategy, creative campaign design, and influencer sourcing to execution and analytics reporting, we ensure that our clients realize the full potential of influencer marketing. As each of our clients is unique, we tailor our process to the specific objective at hand. Whether that includes scouting micro-influencers in Las Vegas, Nevada, or planning and executing a large-scale ambassador program across the U.S., our team is equipped to make our clients’ goals our mission.

Sell Your Products

Your brand has an endless opportunity to reach more distinct and curated audiences with social media. After all, social is the #2 channel for ecommerce (#1 being Google). We understand that it's important to our clients to stay ahead of competition and keep up with changing consumer preferences. This is why we get hired to equip businesses with powerful social selling tools.

Have you ever visited a website and come to realize their ads are following you everywhere? That’s what our social media services create. While there are hundreds of different marketing strategies, only one can bring in consistent sales from day one: social media advertising. This is why social media network ad spending in the U.S. has grown from $15.63B in 2016 to a whooping $32.18B in 2019. (Statista)

Social Media Advertising

Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns are the ideal social media service for businesses looking to scale their marketing efforts.  By choosing social media advertising we ensure that the right message reaches the right person. 

Using our guaranteed profitability formula we take into consideration your cost for manufacturing, shipping, handling into each ad campaign.

Ready to scale your revenue and inbound leads? If so, paid social media ads are the correct way to go.


Focused Targeting

Having developed programs to study a wide range of information from users, our team uses Facebook advertising to target your ideal customer based on their:

  • Age & Gender
  • Geography (City, State, Zip Code, Country)
  • Areas of Interest
  • Level of Education
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Linguistics
  • Employment/Industry
  • Relationship Status

Driving In-Store & Online Traffic

Our effective Facebook advertising methods  assist clients in increasing traffic to their store-front or website and generating more profits.

You want to make good use of that website you’ve spent so much time and money on, and your business needs more traffic and leads to grow. Our work in Facebook & Instagram advertising & social media services will get the job done for you.

Brand Awareness & Engagement

As your Facebook ad services provider, OPC creates and implements brand awareness and engagement solutions to deliver effective messaging to users who will be the most receptive to it. Your marketing dollar deserves to be utilized to the best of it's value. As a result we create campaigns that not generate cost-effective engagement and awareness. We’ll work with you to define your audiences and find the best strategy to reach your ideal buyers.

Direct Revenue Ads

We understand that your main goal with social media services is revenue, so we make that our primary goal as well. Our team knows how to leverage your products and Facebook's hyper-targeting capabilities to instantly begin creating revenue.

Our happiest customers use a combination of organic & paid social media services to achieve their goals.