The 2017 California Women’s Conference

Produced by Michelle Patterson in collaboration with Women Network, The 2017 California Women’s Conference aimed to to connect and inspire women from all over the US. Our Powers Combined was called to implement an aggressive social media marketing strategy, accompanied with general marketing consulting.

california womens conference

The Road to Success

To compliment existing efforts to gather & empower women, we created the hashtag #WomenTogether, which went viral on Twitter during the event. Our job was to position Women Network & The 2017 California Women’s Conference as an avid part of the women’s rights movement.


Our team was involved in unique content creation, aimed at introducing our audience to the event’s speakers. That’s how the #WomenTogether content series was born.


We introduce a cross-platform social media strategy, that included posting original content, a consistent outreach to industry partners, event speakers, and the general pool of strong women looking to redefine society’s views on women.


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