...By Leveraging The Power Of Permission- & Value-Based Outreach


Within 72 hours of working with us we will optimize your LinkedIn profile and launch a personalized campaign targeting your ideal target decision makers. As a result, you will see new positive replies from prospects pour into your inbox in days.

Ready to dive into LinkedIn's audience of 90-million decision makers?

Get started today in four simple steps:

1. Profile Optimization - We transform your profile into a story-driven funnel. As a result, you establish trust with new profile visitors, and transforms them into leads.

2. Audience Definition - We use advanced hyper-targeting to identify your ideal target audience.

3. Offer Development - While your competitors spam your audience with confusing messages, your messages stand out as conversational, engaging and offering value.

4. Regular Follow-up - Once applied, our G.R.O.W. Method results in predictably gaining new conversations with decision makers.

Cash-Producing LinkedIn™ Funnels

Turning a stranger on LinkedIn into a happy client requires an incredible amount of time and energy. The biggest issue in the marketplace is most firms manually invest that energy (or have someone inexperienced on their team do it for them, yikes!).

We create a unique-to-your company LinkedIn funnel that we help you integrate into the overall processes of your company. Best part - we coach you every step of the way, so you don't have to rely on agencies again. (Yes, even us.)

Leverage Systems-Based Marketing

Send daily connection requests to potential clients.

Follow up and nurture each new network connection.

Help monitor your Inbox and book appointments directly.

Weekly check-in calls ensure quality of service.

Hyper-Targeted Daily Prospecting & Lead Generation



✔️ We prospect by title and keyword

✔️ We prospect by location and company type

✔️ We prospect high-energy-consumption businesses

Daily Prospecting


✔️ We prospect while you work

✔️ We prospect while you sleep

✔️ We prospect on holidays and weekends

Lead Generation


✔️ We deliver leads that are interested in lowering their monthly energy bill

✔️ We deliver leads who are decision makers

✔️ We deliver leads who are likely to qualify for financing

Never miss another opportunity

Our team of experts is committed to your continued success. Due to the nature of the business, we only pick limited number of clients per region, to avoid unnecessary competition. All contacts generated through your LinkedIn campaign are yours and yours only.

By sending regular outreach to new potential leads we fill your funnel with qualified leads. Combined with consistent follow up via LinkedIn, email, and voicemail, we are able to predictably generate new leads each month.

We take the guess work away from the following questions:

👉 Who to target? How to use LinkedIn to locate your exact target decision makers?

👉 What to say? What messages turn prospects into connections and interested leads?

👉 How to measure success? What tools and software to use to best measure success?

👉 How to avoid risking your reputation? How to sound engaging as opposed to sounding like a "sales robot".

Never worry about where or when your next lead will come from.

When applying our proven 4-step G.R.O.W. Method through your LinkedIn profile – instead of crickets, your prospects (and haters) will compliment you on your style. Our techniques rely on permission- and value-based outreach, making sure you make a strong first impression when building new relationships with prospects. Outsourcing your prospecting outreach to our team, based on our G.R.O.W. Method, will multiply your outreach to finally make prospecting profitable.

Clients We Helped:

"Connected on the phone with hundreds of facilities directors and managers."

"Connected with hundreds of decision makers."