Scale Your LinkedIn Efforts and Predictably Drive 10-40 Interested Leads Each Month.

100% Done For You.

Our High Ticket Prospecting In a Box™ formula helps you create what you care about most - conversations with interested leads, delivering positive replies directly to your inbox.


Direct Messages Sent


New Connections Added


Conversations Started


Monthly New Leads



How do you network for your high ticket/high value product during a pandemic? Online. Specifically- social media. Professionals across the country are trying to figure out what we've been doing best for years - generating interested leads, and creating meaningful relationships using LinkedIn. Starting conversations with your ideal target that revolve around mutual value.


Who benefits most:

Business Development Professionals

Discover and engage your target decision makers. Create value-driven relationships.

Annuity Agents

Grow your network with executives, seniors, and other corporate and high value prospects.

Financial Advisors

Reach out to prospects without breaking any compliance rules.

Real Estate Advisors

Connect with local and national realtors and create interest in your consulting hours.

Business Brokers

Find business owners who are getting ready to sell their business.

Marketing Agencies

Find and connect with decision makers at businesses who need your services.

Corporate Attorneys

Connect with local business owners and create interest in a consultation.

B2B Insurance Agents

Find business owners who are looking to take out a business loan.

Business Consultants

Find and connect with decision makers at businesses who need your services.

Get started today in four simple steps

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

We use our Profile Funnel™ method to ensure that your profile creates trust in each visitor.

2. Locate your audience.

We look at geography, title, industry, company headcount, and other factors to discover your exact lowest-hanging decision makers.

3. Develop your messages.

While your competitors spam your same audience, your messaging will be short, clear, concise, and most of all - conversational.

4. Build your funnel.

We develop your personal landing page that converts visitors to booked appointments. No more using 3rd party calendly links to book calls.

How it works

We send daily connection requests to potential clients.

We follow up and nurture each new network connection.

We monitor your Inbox and reply on your behalf.

Weekly check-in calls ensure quality of service.

Hyper-Targeted Daily Prospecting & Lead Generation



✔️ We prospect by title and keyword

✔️ We prospect by location and industry

✔️ We prospect by seniority and company size

Daily Prospecting


✔️ We prospect while you work

✔️ We prospect while you sleep

✔️ We prospect on holidays and weekends

Lead Generation


✔️ We deliver leads that are interested

✔️ We deliver leads who are decision makers

✔️ We deliver leads in need of your services

Never miss another opportunity

Our team of experts is committed to your success. Due to the nature of the business, we only pick 1 client per industry and region, to avoid unnecessary competition. In addition, all leads generated through your LinkedIn campaign are yours and yours only.

By sending regular outreach to new potential leads we begin to fill your funnel. Combined with consistent follow up via direct message, email, and SMS, we are able to generate 1-2 new clients per month for your business.

We take the guess work away from the following questions:

👉 Who to target? How to use LinkedIn to locate your exact target decision makers?

👉 What to say? What messages turn prospects into connections and interested leads?

👉 How to measure success? What tools, software, and KPIs to best measure success?

👉 Where to drive leads? How to build a landing page that converts visitors to scheduled calls?

👉 How to avoid risking your reputation? How to sound engaging vs. a sales robot.

Take prospecting and following up with leads out of your daily tasks.

With the power of an entire prospecting and sales team on your side, including:

• Sales Representative to follow up multiple times

with each new connection and convert them to a lead.

• LinkedIn Marketing Expert to guide your

outreach campaigns in the right direction.

• Web Designer to develop a landing page that

converts visitors into appointments.

• Appointment Setter to book appointments for you.

• Personal Automated Assistant to send appointment reminders.

Once you remove prospecting, lead gen, and following up with leads

from your daily tasks list, what's left?

More time to grow your business.

Business development professionals, high ticket agents, and sales representatives trust OPC Social to grow their business.

Analyn Braza-Stull


Peter Groverman

Cadu Medical

Daniel Ager


Michael Beas

Atlas Elite Partners

"In less than 3 weeks of working with OPC they have managed to connect us with decision makers at some of the larger players in our industry. As a result, we have created 30+ meaningful partnerships for SymSoil, and the number continues to grow."

Eli Bakofsky

SymSoil, Inc.