As a designer it’s important that photos of my clothing are more than just great product shots. I also want to create the aesthetic and vibe that represents my brand and for each picture to be a unique visual experience. I’ve worked with Lizzie as both a designer and a model, and she effortlessly captures unique and stunning images. Modeling with her is easy and fun, she knows exactly how to get everyone into the creative flow to get those perfect images. I would absolutely recommend Lizzie to a friend, I truly enjoy shooting with her every time, and her photos of my work are by far the most beautiful I’ve ever had.


Frequency Collection
We have greatly benefited from what Our Powers Combined has done for the execution of our social media. The breadth and depth of their targeting to reach new audiences for us is significant, and I appreciate their systematic weekly approach, which is clearly reported and documented every week. Most impressive is the fact that Sinan is a brilliant strategist. He is a true partner in our overall strategy and I am grateful for his insights and direction on what his team can do to achieve our immediate marketing goals.

Ruby Yeh

Founder of Heart of All Women
I am writing this testimony in all honesty to testify that this company has been more than accommodating. They were able to engage my concepts and stay within my working timeframe. I am a technically minded person so I really appreciate the in-depth level of analysis and attention to detail they applied. By interviewing me and getting some sentiments, they wrote well articulated articles engaging my general audience.

John O’Harro

FX by 702
It was an amazing experience being able to work with OPC Social and their web and logo design services provided everything that I needed for a good cost. The team was specific about what was needed to build the site with the vision and direction I had in mind for my business. They communicated well and provided an awesome recommendation based on how I wanted my customers to see my page. Keep up the good work!

Roger Stull

Monument CCM
The content creation services provided by Lizzie represented my brand in such a candid and colorful way- She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, which makes working with her so much fun. She was very clear and intuitive about directing the models and was able to keep the energy up. She handled relations with the models that I chose, along with being proactive and scouting out the photo shoot locations prior to the shoot. I definitely plan to recommend her to other brands.

Adrienne Shon

Little Black Diamond
The type of photographer I look for is one who can comprehend my ideas, and translate them in their own vision. That was accomplished through hiring Lizzie’s content creation services. What I liked most about the content that was curated for me was the realness and relateability of the images based on not just good technical skill, but model and location selection as well.

Brett Dowis

The Headspace
Your customers only know what you show them, great pictures of your products is an essential part of the brand image and feel. When working with a new photographer there are many variables that come into play. The workflow of the day, vibe, shooting style, and editing. All of these items need to be considered when choosing the correct photographer. Jumbie Art is a fun, bright, full color lifestyle brand that is born from music festivals. Our shoots have always been fun and not too “staged”, we prefer a more natural flow when it comes to modeling and showing our products in action vs a static studio shoot. So when it comes to choosing the right person to shoot our brand, the biggest challenge is capturing the essence of the what it is like to be at a music festival wearing our brand without making it look too staged. When first working with Lizzie she was able to capture some beautiful shots at Woogie Weekend that really showcased the color of our brand and vibe, sometimes it is hard to capture how bright our clothing is in pictures but she was able to do that. The pictures went viral on the social feeds and we knew we had more magic to make. We scheduled a full day of shooting soon after, Lizzie worked great in the many different settings that I took her. She showed talent for finding the right settings on the camera to get the best exposures under the different lights, capturing some beautiful nature and sunset shots. And when we went back to the studio we did a RGB shoot which is not easy to do but she was able to make adjustments and capture some great content for us. Lizzie stayed engaged with the models directing them in a way so they would show their best, we had 4 different settings, 4 models and lots of wardrobe changes and Lizzie didn’t skip a beat. We did it all in just a few hours. We would recommend Lizzie to anyone who is looking to take their brand to the next level, she is easy to work with and delivers the pictures in a timely manner. She also does a great job of sharing the images online and cross promoting. We at Jumbie Art love Lizzie and The Cosmic Collective crew and look forward to making more magic soon!


Jumbie Art